Just as the American People have come to see that our government has fallen into the hands of hostile forces, known as the Deep State, Social Media now empowers us to restore government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Now that we all have access to public communication, we can unite and hold ALL our elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, accountable to uphold their oath of office, or be replaced by those committed to the task – Certified Constitutional Candidates.


This empowers us to unite across all groups and parties to hold our elected officials accountable to do that which all are sworn to do - “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” ​David White, of CORE, said it best.


by David White of
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

Unlike any government in history, the United States of America was deliberately designed to assure that government power rests with the American People, by holding elections every two years, and assuring a balance of power between the three branches. Yet, Congress has an approval rating well under 20 percent. What created this division between Americans and their elected officials?

Over the years, many laws were passed to promote the rights of all Americans, such as the “Civil Rights Act of 1964.” Yet, our government, and educational system, function more like a feudal system. Just as the serfs were required to serve their rulers, taxpayers and their children are beholden to the bureaucracy now in control of our educational system, which empowers and enriches them. How was our government transformed from bottom-up to top-down?


This transformation explains how one of the world’s best educational systems was transformed into one of the worst in the free world. Many of our urban schools have a dropout rate approaching 50 percent. Keith Benson, vice president of NAACP, Camden, New Jersey, compared our schools to the plantation! “Abolition was ‘Life Choice.’ We have narrowed it down to ‘School Choice.’ The effects however, are the same.”


All this happened while costs of public education in the USA have more than tripled – in inflation adjusted dollars! Who tampered with our system that has led to this perfidy?

Two years prior to the signing of the Civil Rights Act, the USA suffered a silent coup. The power that was supposed to rest with the American People was transferred to a newly created branch of government, far more powerful than the original three. President John F. Kennedy, on January 17, 1962, signed Executive Order 10988, creating public employee unions. With the power to extort endless billions of dollars from American Taxpayers, and use these funds to buy influence and elections, our government has been transformed from bottom-up to top-down, which explains why we have lost control of our government. Money buys power. With the stroke of his pen, a President undid all that the Founders had toiled to accomplish over 100 summer days of 1787, and many thousands had sacrificed life and limb!

Five months after this political coup, the United States Supreme Court voted 6-1 (Engel v. Vitale) to transfer control of all public schools to this newly created super-branch of government, with the power to control all others, and indoctrinate our nation’s children in support of their new form of government, which considers our founding documents to be outdated. Our public schools represent the greatest hostage crisis in American history – far more destructive than the Iran Hostage Crisis!

We can now restore government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” by replacing all who no longer honor the Constitution, with those who do.

Thankfully, We the People now have a website to serve as a “line in the sand” where candidates for Congress can win the hearts and minds of the People –regardless of race, gender or party- by being the first among contenders to certify themselves to be among those who stand for the Constitution as written and meant to be read, and certify this at www.C32020.org.

By placing unity over division, and principle over party, we are now empowered to replace all who stand for top-down government, with those who truly stand for our “inalienable” rights!



This site empowers us all to hold Congress accountable to the American People, by informing your Representatives in Congress: “My vote and influence are dedicated to Certified Constitutional Candidates.”


We are an all-volunteer organization and do not accept donations. However, you can contribute by supporting “Certified Constitutional Candidates,” wherever they happen to be. You can also add to the clarion call on Social Media with just a small investment, and help America usher in a new era of domestic Tranquility, Prosperity, Liberty and Justice. Reach out on popular websites, as you see fit, and help build the team to restore Constitutional Government.


Please take a few minutes of your precious day to share the light of liberty and justice. All hands are needed on deck to save our ship of state and restore our “inalienable” rights.